Nene H

Nene H

Nene H

Nene H [Incienso | Intrepid Skin]

Nene H has become one the underground’s most favoured DJs and producers. Her infinite creativity, refined taste and unique approach keeps convincing dance floors all over the world. Hailing from Istanbul and based in Berlin, Nene H has transformed her upbringing and heritage into a key influence in her work. Her devotion to the crowd and nonconformist attitude has proven to be just the right recipe to turn her performances into memories.

Her bold, analog live sets see her taking adventurous risks, traveling across genres and leaving the audience in awe. Her impact has already led her to play as the world’s most regarded clubs including Berghain in Berlin and Possession in Paris among many others. She obtains residency at ‚Endurance,’ Copenhagen’s mosthyped club-night as well as regular slots at Kyiv’s newest club ’∄’ and releasing on their newly launched label, Standard Deviation. She also often plays sets at Berlin’s HÖR Radio.

Through her years as a classically trained pianist, her curiosity has led her to manipulate her music knowledge into advanced experimentation with her gear. This has led her to deliver boundary pushing live sets for Berlin Atonal and CTM Festival in 2019 and 2020 respectively. Her solo project for Berlin Atonal, “Rau//Reue” was considered one of the most regarded performances of the festival, while for CTM she recently premiered her latest project “Chela“ in collaboration with the National Choir of Georgia, ‚Ensemble Basiani‘ in front of a sold-out-audience in Berghain.

In 2019, Nene H released on SPFDJ’s Intrepid Skin imprint with ‘Feast,’ a blistering four-track hard-hitting body music experience fit to destroy the dance floor. Nene H had a very productive 2020, and through her frequent appearances at Parisian techno party Possession she was invited to contribute a track to the label’s first compilation. She also released a split EP with Poly Chain for Kyiv label, Standard Deviation, and ’Scene Analysis’ EP on Moral Standard featuring remixes by Sunil Sharpe and P.E.A.R.L. In 2018, she had the opportunity to contributing tracks on two compilations for Bas Mooy’s Mord Records, ’Rotterdam‘ and ‚Heldersmat‘ alongside techno’s contemporary heavy weights.

For 2021 Nene H has an arsenal loaded with prolific releases under her belt including an album debut, compilation inclusions and radical collaborations. In July will see the release of her album debut, Ali, via New York label Incienso. Nene H will also contribute a track to the 30th Birthday compilation for the Berlin institution, Tresor, and is part of the Al Gharib compilation, which benefits Palestine charity funds. More to be announced later.

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